Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fashion Chic, European Fashion in L.A.

To continue on the period pieces theme (see previous post on Hollywood), a look at the European Fashion exhibition currently on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

" Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915 " 
Over the past year, hundreds of eighteenth to early twentieth–century garments have passed through the Textile Department at LACMA’s Conservation Center: royal wedding gowns, French Revolutionary waistcoats and breeches, and Victorian walking suits, to name a few. These historic costumes are part of the recently acquired costume collection to be featured in the exhibition Fashioning Fashion, opening now until March 6, 2011 in the new Resnick Pavilion. A beautiful show that displays delightful items such as a Paul Poiret designed feathered turban, an 18th century vest embroidered with early slogans from the French Revolution and many more.
One of the exhibit’s highlights is a diaphanous pink silk gown from the 1830s. The skirt is decorated with a sea of faux pearls which weigh down the sheer silk and would click together lightly as its wearer moved.

Detail of the dress from England, circa 1830
Faux pearls

An evening mantle with silk embroidery, glass beads, and ostrich feathers by French couturier Emile Pingat, 1891

Man's suit, France, circa 1760
Coat and waistcoat: wool plain weave, with sequins and metallic-thread embroidery

House of Rouff, circa 1897
Silk twill and silk cut velvet on twill foundation

Vest, France, 1789-94
Linen canvas with silk needlepoint

A silk satin French waistcoat, circa 1715

A silk and cotton satin European dress, circa 1790

An English linen plain weave and cane hoop petticoat, circa 1750-80

A Paul Poiret silk turban with turquoise cabochon and egret feathers, circa 1911

An English silk satin dress, circa 1765

A Portugese silk satin dress, circa 1845

A magnificent collection

Courtesy Lacma
Scott Tennent @Unframed

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