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The Chateau Marmont hotel revisited....and the work of Matt Jones

Living in L.A., I couldn't resist writing a few lines on the legendary hotel. A Los Angeles icon, the Chateau Marmont has hosted a long list of stars and legends. Well known for its low-key glamour and discretion, the hotel was a popular place for those wishing to keep their anonymity.

Photo, courtesy of Matt Jones with model Gisele Bundchen in the background. The fashion photographer has currently a solo exhibition at the Oblong Gallery in London.
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Chateau Marmont

A few quotes
"Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel has a reputation as a place to misbehave, and for guests who never want to leave."
"Touched with scandal and commemorated in literature."

Notable people and events

  • Howard Hughes moved into the attic of the hotel and would spy on beautiful women in the pool area using prism binoculars.
  • Harry Cohn, founder of Columbia Pictures, told William Holden and Glenn Ford, "If you are going to get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont."
  • Lindsay Lohan stayed at the hotel following her July 24, 2007, arrest for drunk driving. She also lived at the Chateau between 2005 and 2006.
  • English author Nigel Williams documents his stay at the hotel in his 1994 travelogue, From Wimbledon to Waco.
  • Britney Spears was reportedly banned from the hotel after an incident in 2007 where she allegedly smeared her gourmet dinner on her face. Outraged diners demanded the management to kick her out for good; which they did. Her name is now added to the Marmont's "Black List". [5]
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