Friday, May 21, 2010

Elene Usdin, "Femmes d'interieur".

Elene Usdin is a Paris based artist who works primarily in photography. Usdin's work is very diverse and includes work for commercial clients, fashion publications and herself as the subject.

About her series "Femmes d'interieur" which can be translated as "Domesticated Women", Usdin says: This is a piece of work that focuses on women, on how they are represented in classical art, indeed on the “codes” that surround and determine their representation, from the Renaissance to today. I chose to observe the backgrounds that encase, and to some extent determine, the way women are portrayed, from a Florentine countryside to the overwrought interior of a painter’s studio. These portraits reveal more than they intend, they reveal a great deal about the social position of a woman, from the way she is appareled and coiffed to the attitude she is made to strike.

Femmes d'interieur

Photos, courtesy of Elene Usdin

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