Saturday, May 22, 2010

Karen Portaleo and her amazing creations

To continue on my food theme..... more tasty creations.... And no, they are not designer handbags, they are amazing cakes created by Karen Portaleo.

The cakes are the work of Highland Bakery, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team of bakers is headed by Karen Portaleo, a former clay sculptor, She said: "When a client comes in I try and get a feel for their event and what they want - normally they are trying to tell a story about themselves. I try not to take much longer than two days because the cake has to be tasty and fresh. If it's a really complex cake then we will work through the night to keep it moist.

The Louis Vuitton cake, the most expensive cake

A Gucci Bag

Another Gucci Bag

Iris shoe cake

England cake

Elton John's Birthday cake

Corset cake

Karen Portaleo won the World's Most Amazing Cake comp in 2008 with this Frida Kahlo inspired cake

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