Monday, May 24, 2010

Outside Inside by Bruce Davidson

Outside Inside is a journey through Bruce Davidson's career and the changing urban landscape of the 20th century.
Outside Inside is a three-volume box set containing eight hundred photographs from Bruce Davidson’s archives. Davidson’s photography spans an intense fifty-year period, from his work as a student in 1954 to two recent works in progress, a series of innovative urban landscapes made in Paris (2006) and Los Angeles (2009). The text for the introductions to the fifty-three chapters comes from Davidson’s own insights, thoughts, and recollections. It includes iconic images from his seminal bodies of work: Circus (1958), Brooklyn Gang (1959), East 100th Street (1966–1968), Time of Change 1961-1965 (The Civil Rights Movement), Subway (1980), Central Park (1992–1995), and previously unpublished photographs. These three volumes celebrate the development of a master of the medium and reflect the artist’s own journey of consciousness.

Simply sumptuous

NYC, from the 1959 series, The Brooklyn Gang

From the series East 100th Street

Photos, courtesy of Bruce Davidson and Magnum photos
A look inside the book

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