Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Chewing in Venice" by Simone Decker

"Chewing in Venice,"an amazing series by Luxembourg artist Simone Decker. Extra-large pieces of chewing-gum are displayed in various places of the lovely town of Venice, Italy.

Chewing in Venice: monumental sculptures of bubble-gum for Sérénissime? One nothing visual attention, a minimum of direction of reality and the aesthetic credit granted to Simone Decker brings which looks at these photographs being included/understood: a small form made with the sticky one and delicious delicacy, like it of mastic regularly in our mouths (2), was photographed on bottom of Venice according to a point of view such as it appears to bar a lane, to run along a frontage, to decorate a campo or to decorate the edges of the Large Channel. Similar photographs constitute an answer to the question that the artist, guest with the 48e Biennale de Venise, had not failed to be posed: how to make a monumental sculpture with few means? By using a cheap material, the chewing gum, and by adopting a camera angle which gives the illusion which sculpture is larger than it is it actually. The sculptures in chewing-gum thus, very temporarily but well really, took seat in Venice; the image that we have under the eyes is not by no means the result of a photomontage. There is in some fraud measurement only on their scale. 
-Michel Gauthier

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  1. Someone had to chew a lot of gum!
    Very interesting work indeed.


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