Friday, January 14, 2011

Alexandre Mussard: " Les Petites Chaises "

Entitled " Les Petites Chaises," Little Chairs, is Alexandre Mussard's first exhibition at the Galerie Antonine Catzeflis in Paris. The 25-years-old French artist studied architecture and design at the Academie Charpentier, Esad Reims, and Ecole Camondo. It was during a course, by twisting a wire, that he gave shape to his first small chair.
" I have treasured this miniature sculpture. I immediately knew that it was going to become something essential for me. This little chair is like a character brought to light, fragile, playful and discrete....."
Mussard's show is dedicated to the chair in the form of miniature wire sculptures, displayed in various positions: chairs come alive, set in the middle of a circus tent - a wink to Calder's small circus - stacked on top of each other or suspended by balloons. Alongside the small artworks, including necklaces, are several larger chair sculptures.
Alexandre Mussard, a talent to watch who creates simple and poetic objects.

La boule rouge

La serre


Le chapiteau
Le robinet

Le tiroir de Georges

Le nuage chaise
La corrida

La declaration

Bijou bronze - necklace

Le theatre des petites chaises

Le jongleur

Images, courtesy Galerie Antonine Catzeflis
23 rue St Roch, Paris 75001, France
Les Petites Chaises are currently on display at the gallery.

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