Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Le Calendrier Olfactif 2011: A Scented Calendar for 2011

Le Calendrier Olfactif 2011 is the limited edition Scented Calendar from the Paris-based perfume house Quintessence that makes some of the most exquisite fragranced candles. Along with a lovely calendar for your wall, you get one fragranced, individually designed candle for each month of the year. Each scent and glass container were designed by a personality.

12 months, 
12 celebrities who participated in the creation of a perfume,
12 exclusive fragrances, imagined like small stories,
12 scented candles,
In many civilizations, lighting a candle is a symbol of hope, as it brings warmth and light to children in needs, and every candle from this calendar carriers some of this hope.
For every calendar sold, Quintessence will give 24 euros to La Voix de l'Enfant, a French organization dedicated since 1981 at protecting abused children.

Here are a few of the 12 scented candles designed by celebrities
January by the Association La Voix de l'Enfant
Childhood Memories, a scent evoking strawberry candies...

February by Christian Tortu
Hyacinth, in the heart of winter, the hyacinth bouquet fills the air with a fresh perfume reminding us of the coming spring season....

April by Yaguel Didier
Iris Intuition, goddess to the Greeks, the Iris flower evokes the eminence of good news....

May by Ines Sastre
Sweet Pea, the fresh and voluptuous breeze exhales a perfume of freesia, sweet pea and jasmine.....

August by Jean-Michel Othoniel
Melting Tar, in the middle of August, the temperature is above 100 in the shade, the forest exhales the smell of cedar bark and warm earth....

October by Jean-Francois Lesage
Alpassi, October in Madras has the appearance of spring, earth is filled with water and the air releases perfumes of jasmine shrub with fruity impressions of peach, apricot and ylang...

November by Frederic Fekkai
Almond and Honey, time to rediscover the pleasures of cocooning and pampering.....

December by Apollonia Poilane
Gingerbread, the house is filled with delicious scents of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, anise and clove...


  1. Love the idea. How can one get the calendar?

  2. Hello,

    We have a boutique in Paris. If not let us know where you are and we will let you know the closest shop.

    Best regrads

    Quintessence Team !


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