Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Curtains in and out

I love the concept, but how do you keep the drapes clean ? A very unusual and striking construction from the Austrian group Hertl Architeckten, a two-story building that was once a restaurant, composed of two bars, bounded by a cross wing.....
 They are separated now. The challenge was to renovate one of the buildings and to expand it to two flats. One of these bars should be thermal renovated and expanded into two flats. With few convertions of the existing walls it works to organize a new space use. The first floor and the cellar can be reached by an outdoor stairway made of concrete.

The existing roof was removed. A light grey curtain covers the solitaire, the abstract form is disguised by a soft texture. The element, also used for shadowing, can be moved apart the windows. A decorative element, normally used indoor, is building an irritating and at the same time fascinating facade.

Aichinger House, Kronstorf, Austria

To view more, click on Kurt Hoerbst

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