Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tree Huts, Tree Houses by Tadashi Kawamata

The Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata is well known for his architectural installations made from simple materials, recycled items such as chairs, cardboard boxes..... Selected item becomes the basic module of a huge construction. One of his newest creations are wooden huts hanging like wasp's nests between the beams and pillars of the structural facade of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Quite unique...

Tree Hut inside and outside, Centre Pompidou, 2010

Carton Worshop

Since his first exhibition in 1979, Kawamata has produced a large amount of public installations, sculpture and other showpiece for exhibitions and projects all over the world. Here are pictures from his early work.

Tree Huts, Madison Square Park, New York, 2008

Tree Hut, Miami, 2008

Somewhere in Paris

Art Basel, 2007

Images, courtesy of Herve Veronese for Centre Pompidou and Tadashi Kawamata
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  1. Huts give you that homey feel and extra comfort a traditional room can't give you. It is also a great place to keep you cool during hot days.


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