Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Trees, a New Tree Museum

More green and beauty ......
At the Enea Tree Museum in Switzerland, the world's first Tree Museum, with almost 2000 varieties of trees designed by landscape architect Enzo Enea.
Created from reclaimed and salvaged trees that Enea has collected over the years, the trees now have a permanent residence at the recently opened 2.5 acre Enea Tree Museum located near Lake Zurich in Rapperswil-Jon, Switzerland. The installation delicately balances nature and man-made structures on the site of a 14th-century monastery, with the trees displayed amidst a series of minimalist sandstone walls. One might compare the exhibit to a melding of zen garden tranquility and Stonehenge mysticism.

“I have collected trees over the last 17 years from gardens that I was building or houses that I was building,” Mr. Enea said. “Trees had to be moved, and instead of cutting them, I tried to remove them.” His trees range in age from 50 to 130 years, and in height from 15 to 40 feet.
For more info, click on Enea Tree Museum
Images courtesy of Enea Tree Museum

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