Monday, August 23, 2010

1984 or For Whom The Bell Tolls ..... Made in Paris with Love by Olympia Le-Tan

Moby Dick, Lord and Jim and the list goes on.... " They are books you can't read." The Novel Handbag is a collection of minaudieres and bags designed by Olympia Le-Tan. Fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan accessories line features clutch bags, suitcases and pouches with a hand-knitted exterior inspired directly by some of literature's classic first-edition covers, stolen from the library of her artistic father Pierre Le-Tan. This season, her collection is inspired by Paris, the 1940's surrealism, covers of book that were turned into movies.
" I was thinking there were all these beautiful books around and they were being forgotten with everybody on the Internet, so I made it  so that you can carry them around, " said Le-Tan.

Images, courtesy of Olympia Le-Tan

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