Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Eclectic Home of Duilio Forte

Swedish-Italian architect and artist Duilio Forte transformed an old textile factory on the outskirts of Milan into an eclectic home inhabited by sculptures of horses, dragons and dinosaurs. Forte's sculptures of horses, made of iron and wood, are scattered throughout the 5,400-square-foot home. They were inspired by the legend of Troy and the Nordic Myth of Sleipnir. The 60-foot horses, three in the property, also serve as saunas - a nod to the artist's swedish heritage.

“The horses are at once ready to vanquish an arsenal or lightly glide across Swedish lagoons,” he said. “They represent exploration and the opportunity to discover new worlds.”

Giant wooden horses on stilts

Room inside one of the horses

Wooden walkway leads from the roof of the building to one of the sauna-horses

Cavernous interior divided into different levels

Passageway in the two-story library

Forte's artwork

For more info on the artist, click on Duilio Forte
Source and images, courtesy of  NYTimes

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