Thursday, August 26, 2010

Regards d'artistes by Denise Bellon

Regards d'artistes is a special exhibition organized by les Arts Associes, a tribute to Denise Bellon, the legendary French photographer.
Currently in view on the platforms of the Saint-Germain metro station in Paris, this new exhibition displays around 100 images of artists like Miro, Prevert, Dali, Miller, Duchamp and many more.

Denise Bellon (1902-1999) was a pioneer in photojournalism. One of the original members of the Alliance Photo Agency, founded in Paris in 1934 and a precursor to Magnum Photo Agency, she was also a friend and associate of leading members of the surrealist movement from Dali and Duchamp, to Andre Breton.

Installation in the subway, Metro Saint-Germain 

Absolutely fabulous !!

Salvador Dali and his mannequin, Surrealist Exhibition, Paris 1938

Andre Masson's mannequin, Surrealist Exhibition, Paris 1938

Simone de Beauvoir, Cafe Flore, Paris 1945

Marcel Duchamp

Henry Miller and Eve, 1948
Denise Bellon self-portrait

Jean Giono, Martinique, 1941

Jacques Prevert, Paris, 1945

Picasso, Nimes, 1947

Denise Bellon

Images courtesy of Olivier Dougoud at les Arts Associes, France
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