Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cerise Doucede: " LOST "

In this series of photographic installations titled Lost, French photographer Cerise Doucede shows a varied panorama of small daily hallucinations, in which we all can be the protagonists. Lost in thought, the characters are projected into chaotic settings where surrounding objects fly, collide and gather ... These brief moments create a confusion between reality and fiction.

Recently selected for a special commission for the Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris, Cerise Doucede will be awarded 20,000 Euros for the creation of her photographic project, destined to join the Royal Monceau collection, which currently hosts 320 works, spread throughout the rooms and suites of the hotel. Cerise was among the five finalists of the Royal Monceau Competition for Photography, that was established in 2011 to highlight and support young photographers. On this occasion, the finalists expose their work at the Art District, the gallery of the hotel.

In Lost, each portrait is a reflection of the desires, fears, obsessions, fantasies of the central person - and how they affect their imagination.
~~ Cerise Doucede

Lost - Egarements (2010-2011)
© Cerise Doucede

Images © Cerise Doucede
Lost is on view at Art District / Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris until January 28, 2012
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