Monday, January 23, 2012

Seb Janiak; A Visionary Artist

Graphic designer, photographer, producer, video director, author-script writer, Seb Janiak is a worldwide recognized artist. Noticed for his free and creative approach, far away from the motionless imagery of the 80s, Seb Janiak always kept his integrity and sincerity, without any concession.

Regarded as one of the pioneer of numeric photography, which he explores the possibilities since 1986, with the revolutionary "Paint Box", imported from Japan, Seb Janiak contributes to a new dimension, and proposes a visionary art. Creator of "Digital matt painting", this hyperrealist can inlay several photographs in one to obtain homogeneous images, striking of realism.

Several new photographic pieces are featured in Janiak's first Art book, released in October 2011 and published by Zauberkind Edition. From Soon International to Daft Punk, Berlin to Miami Beach, Seb Janiak brings a new dimension to his work.

Foreword by Philippe Starck
" Seb has shown that the impossible can be achieved, he was the first, I believe, to create places, atmospheres and creatures from nothing. As a pioneer, he has laid the foundations of an art often since imitated but this always in poor taste - sinking into futility, or even vanity. Without his soul, such copies can only be sterile"......

Seb Janiak lives in Paris and his work is often exposed in the biggest International Photography Art Fairs.

Seb Janiak
Naomi Campbell, Soon International Magazine, 2011
© Seb Janiak

Naomi Campbell, Lighted Darkness, 2011
© Seb Janiak

 "Laser" Soon International Magazine, 2011
© Seb Janiak

 Laetitia Casta, 1998
© Seb Janiak

Nadja Auermann, 1997
© Seb Janiak

Uchrony, parking Notre Dame, 1989
© Seb Janiak

Uchrony, Place Vendome, 1994
© Seb Janiak

Uchrony, Grand Palais, 1996
© Seb Janiak

The Kingdom, Moon above Clouds, 2008
© Seb Janiak

The Kingdom, Sun above Clouds, 2008
© Seb Janiak

The Kingdom, Bardo Thodol, 2010
© Seb Janiak

The Kingdom, Moment of Choices, 2010
© Seb Janiak

On exhibit at VISIONAIRS GALLERY, Paris
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