Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sandra Birke: " In Dog We Trust "

No one loves us as unconditionally as a dog. Man's best friend, the dog has now become a fully accepted member of society, and for many of us, a substitute for child or partner, a beloved companion.

Inspired by the devotional imagery of the Orthodox Church, Sandra Birke created her own set of icons. These icons form a series of twelve photographs entitled In Dog We Trust. Mounted on wood, each image consists of a canine portrait surrounded by items, such as rubber bones, dog waste bag dispensers, and feeding bowls, achieving a very natural and authentic feel.

Sandra Birke lives and works in Dusseldorf, Germany.

"In Dog We Trust" is a tribute to our favorite domesticated animal.

Ben © Sandra Birke
Cassandra © Sandra Birke
Emma © Sandra Birke
Finn © Sandra Birke
Guckstdu © Sandra Birke
Helena © Sandra Birke
Idefix © Sandra Birke
Irma © Sandra Birke
Jessi © Sandra Birke
Louis © Sandra Birke
Mattes © Sandra Birke
Pelle © Sandra Birke

Courtesy Sandra Birke
In God We Trust, on exhibit at Gallery Cote Seine & Trianon, Paris
February 25 - March 1, 2012

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