Friday, December 3, 2010

Who is Madame Peripetie ?

First, the name Madame Peripetie - which translates as Mrs. Unexpected - got my attention and then
these series of striking images " Dream Sequence," the imaginary world of  Madame Peripetie.
Madame Peripetie aka Sylwana Zybura is a Polish photographer based in Germany.
Zybura explores the boundaries between fashion, sculpture and the human body, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns; whilst infusing high-fashion elements with abstract and conceptual ideas, creating an eccentric escapade of colour and texture. Her inspirations include surrealism and dadaism as well as the new wave era of the 80s and British post punk scene. Alongside her BA studies in photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Art, Dortmund, Germany, Zybura also collaborates with up-and-coming fashion designers and is experimenting with short stop-motion films.

Dream Sequence, Zybura's latest series

Pugh-atory series

Images, courtesy Sylwana Zybura
To view more, click on Madame Peripetie

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