Monday, December 27, 2010

Zarb, the artsy bubbly bottle

Following the successful launch of their own-brand champagne Zarb in the Netherlands in 2009, THEY, the Amsterdam-based communication agency introduces the latest collection of designed bottles. The brand takes its name from the French slang word for bizarre. The agency's concept, why drink champagne only at times that tradition prescribes? Why not everywhere, always, here, now..... an unconventional champagne with an unconventional look, based on an unconventional idea. A champagne for any day does not have to come in everyday bottle. So Zarb has broken with the outward cliches for bubbly bottles, and comes in sensational bottle designs. Some of the photography for the first series of designs is by famous artist Cornelie Tollens. The new Deep Black underwater collection is a series of bottles designed in collaboration with underwater photographers David Shale, Zena Holloway and costume designer Vin Burnham.

Deep Black Angels

Deep Black Surface

Deep Black Octopus

Package Design, Lips

Package Design, Hope

Package Design, Navel

Package Design, Black

Special Edition, Life by Cedric Laquieze



Source They and Dezeen

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