Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peter Lindbergh: The Naked Truth

Naked Truth is another beautiful photo shoot from the legendary German photographer Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Germany June 2012. In this series, Lindbergh photographed eleven well known women unadorned, makeup free, and unadulterated by photoshop, just their pure natural beauty.

" I try to be truthful in my work. There are no short cuts - if you set out with the intention of making people ugly to achieve a powerful photograph it is a fake. On the other hand beauty cannot be 'done'. Again I come back to this nebulous word 'truth' : perhaps more than anything it is trying to explain something truthful about yourself and about your perception of the way the woman sees herself. "
Excerpt from the book " Images of Women."

This post is NSFW.

The Naked Truth
Model Nadja Auermann © Peter Lindbergh
Nadja Auermann © Peter Lindbergh

Model Toni Garrn © Peter Lindbergh

Karina Krawczyk © Peter Lindbergh

Model Hanna Wähmer © Peter Lindbergh
Model Hanna Wähmer © Peter Lindbergh

Photographer Donata Wenders © Peter Lindbergh

Editor-in-chief of Vogue Germany, Christiane Arp © Peter Lindbergh

Actress Nina Hoss © Peter Lindbergh
Nina Hoss © Peter Lindbergh

Model Katrin Thormann © Peter Lindbergh
Katrin Thormann © Peter Lindbergh
Katrin Thormann © Peter Lindbergh

Model Luca Gajdus © Peter Lindbergh
Luca Gajdus © Peter Lindbergh

Model Jana Drews © Peter Lindbergh
Jana Drews © Peter Lindbergh

Model Julia Stegner © Peter Lindbergh

Courtesy Peter Lindbergh / 2bManagement
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