Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Travel Chic with Barbara Rihl

They are handsome, witty, smart and make good companions. Not men - Barbara Rihl's handbags.
Austrian born Barbara Rihl, a student of Karl Lagerfeld and Jill Sander (and the wife of Pierre Herme, the Macaroon king), just launched her flagship store in Paris. Her boutique is dedicated to fabulous creations of handbags and other accessories such as travel ballerina-style flat shoes, cashmere shawls, and cardigans. Her collection is geared towards the chic traveler, the jet setter, the city slicker and those who simply appreciate high quality yet affordable style.

Barbara Rihl's bags are made of lively colors and luxurious materials and reflect her enthusiasm for travel, fashion and over all a bright sense of humor as you will see on her website.

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