Thursday, July 1, 2010

Food Design, Food Events

If cooking is an art form, then food is the most common medium of artistic expression in the world.
More on the food theme..... With Ciboh, food becomes a work of art, an artistic experience involving all the senses. Ciboh is a creative laboratory based in Milan, that experiments shapes, colors and taste of various food. By using the food technological and physical characteristics, Ciboh tries to create curious worlds and compositions of edible items, merging art language with fun, from the visionary world of children's magic to the Japanese bento box.
A glimpse on some of their concepts and ideas for food.

Food Design
The Darkness

Trash chic

Nike ( bento box)

Food Events
Sweet pasta

Pirelli (licorice)

cotton candy


Fake food

For more info, go to Ciboh

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