Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fan or Eventail, accessory or art object...

A brief History of Fans
Few art forms combine functional, ceremonial and decorative uses as elegantly as the fan. Fewer still can match such diversity with a history stretching back at least 3,000 years.
Today, in Europe, only in Spain is the fan part of everyday life, as it still remains in most hot countries, particularly in the Far East, and especially in Japan.

Antique fans
from Louis the 14th
Details from an eighteen century fan

Dès la plus Haute Antiquité, l'éventail fut un objet de convoitise. Intégré à la mode au début du XXème siècle, Paul Poiré et d'autres couturiers par la suite lui donneront une place indispensable dans les défilés. Mais la mode change...
Karl Lagerfeld le remettra au goût du jour dans les années 80.

From the eighties, designed for Karl Lagerfeld

From Sylvain Le Guen
A touch of elegance
Black silk with Swarovski crystals

Taffetas with Swarovski crystals

Peacock feathers

From Fan d'eventails
Advertising fan for Champagne Perrier-Jouet, circa 1925

Made for les Galeries Lafayette, circa 1913

Ostrich colored feather fans

Anything to cool down is much appreciated today !!
The latest design
Eventails Vuitton by Rossy de Palma

and my favorite from Lanvin

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  1. Love the Lanvin fan (love Lanvin, really). Remembering Karl's fan days too.


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