Monday, July 12, 2010

Haunted Houses

I grew up in a haunted house......
The first house we owned, my husband and myself, was haunted.... The house was lovely, cape code style, in a quaint town of New England, not the kind of houses seen in movies, dreary, decrepit and dark....
There are quite a number of haunted places all over the globe. Here are pictures of some famous ones in the USA.

The Amityville House, New York

The Grove, Texas

Lemp Mansion, Missouri

Hemingway House, Key West, Florida

Jean Harlow's Home, Westwood, CA

This topic brings me to Richard Hawkins's Haunted House. Hawkins, an artist who works in a variety of media, including sculpture, painting and collage, has been making haunted house sculptures out of dollhouses since 2007. His earlier haunted house sculptures evoked a Paris bordello frequented by Proust and reflected his interest in French decadence.

Bordello on rue St Lazare, 2007

Richard Hawkins's current exhibition at Richard Telles Fine Art in Los Angeles, features his latest work "The Last House,"and a group of collages titled "Edogawa Ranpo" which means Edgar Allen Poe in Japanese.
The Last House, 2010



Richard Hawkins courtesy of Richard Telles Gallery
Source NYTimes

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