Saturday, June 2, 2012

PARIS FOR MEN; The First City Guide For Men Who Love Paris and Its Many Pleasures

Finally, a guide to Paris designed for men by men. With Father's Day around the corner, Paris For Men would make a nice gift. This modern and hedonistic address book for men in Paris is full of tips, illustrations and photographs to entice any man to make the most of his time in the 'city of light'. Short literary texts describe Paris' many small daily pleasures for men such as smoking a cigar on a sidewalk cafe terrace, getting his shoes shinned, enjoying an espresso in the morning, exploring secondhand bookshops, buying a fitted suit, wandering the city at dusk, as well as slightly more risqué activities such as casting furtive glances at women's bra straps in restaurants.

There are also recommendations from iconic Parisian men, including Frédéric Beigbeder, François Simon, Charles Dantzig and Nicolas Bedos.

Paris For Men is written by Thierry Richard, author of a popular foodie blog called Chroniques du Plaisir. He also works as a food critic for several guides to Paris and as a literary journalist for Le Magazine des Livres.
Photography: Juliette Ranck
Illustrations: Aseyn

Paris For Men is published by Éditions du Chêne, France, and can also be found at ACC Distribution and on Amazon.

" Here is my Paris. The Paris of small yet significant pleasures. The Paris I love.... And now yours."
~~ Thierry Richard

See Paris as a Painting

Barbecuing a rib roast

Sunday morning on Rue des Martyrs

Monumental, Historical, the restaurant Le Train Bleu at Gare de Lyon

Buying old-fashioned pastries

Courtesy of Éditions du Chêne, France
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