Sunday, June 17, 2012

Madame Peripetie; The Metamorphosis Series

" A woman enveloped in white fabric wearing delicate, fibrous jewelry, merges into a building/ chair gradually absorbing the features of the construction in order to finally synthesize with its architecture, becoming a new unreachable hyper-constructed object of desire."

The Metamorphosis series is the latest photographic work by London based conceptual artist Sylwana Zybura aka Madame Peripetie. This series was made for the jewelry designer Daisy Feng.

The process of mutation and Kafkaesque transformation of the body to a immortal statue and a mutual dialog between the ethereal jewelry objects, the feminine human figure and the expandable texture of fabric evolve into a futuristic architectonic world.

" The veiled corporal inspirations come from Kevin Francis Gray and his meditative, somber aesthetic.  The architectonic part of the project, focuses primarily on the manipulation of structure and performance of the unexpected inspired by the 'Snakitectural' work of David Arsham."
~~~Sylwana Zybura

Madame Peripetie shares her time between Germany and London.

Metamorphosis / Daisy Feng
Copyright © Madame Peripetie
© Madame Peripetie
© Madame Peripetie
© Madame Peripetie
© Madame Peripetie
© Madame Peripetie
© Madame Peripetie
© Madame Peripetie

Photography / concept: Madame Peripetie
Styling: Stella Gosteva
Designer: Daisy Feng
Assistants: blackshift, Ivan Andriets
Model: Tessa Kuragi

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  1. I think it's shocking in its ambiguity and anonymity. Ghostly too---maybe because of all the white and amorphous forms. The red heels seem a nice balance though to all of it. Very interesting and thought provoking like so many of your posts, Evelyne. Thanks.


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