Thursday, May 10, 2012

Helena Blomqvist: Stories from Another World

Discover the mythical and mysterious world of Swedish photographer Helena Blomqvist. Her dream-like imagery transports the viewer into the subconscious. Blomqvist builds models and props, which provide the backdrop for her narratives. Her constructions are very much in the spirit of staged photography pioneer Sandy Skoglund, where each character is the protagonist of a story that emerged from her vivid imagination. Blomqvist draws her inspiration from a collection of dreams, nightmares, newspaper clippings, old photographs, myths and fairytales. Most of her photography takes place in a studio where models and settings created can require months of work.

Over the years, Helena Blomqvist has formed an entirely personal iconography. The exhibition Stories from Another World at Fotografiska maps the development of this fascinating artist, from her earliest works created in the 2000 until today. Helena Blomqvist lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stories from Another World
Field of Red Carnations, 2008 
Copyright © Helena Blomqvist

Group Portrait in Forest, 2011
© Helena Blomqvist

Le Petit Soldat, 2007
© Helena Blomqvist

Mourning Procession, 2008
© Helena Blomqvist

The Lonely Patient, 2008
© Helena Blomqvist

Waterlilies, 2008
© Helena Blomqvist

Warm June, 2011
© Helena Blomqvist

The Elephant Girl, 2011
© Helena Blomqvist

Courtesy of the artist and Fotografiska
Stories from Another World is currently on view at Fotografiska, Stockholm.
April 20 - June 3, 2012
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