Friday, March 4, 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Manish Arora Fall/Winter 2011

Paris Fashion Week, the last in the month-long fashion carousel, has began on Tuesday March 1. Sequins and mirror work covered the Fall/ Winter 2011 collection of India's inventive designer Manish Arora. His garments combine contemporary silhouettes with vivid palette of colors and rich embroideries, trompe-l'oeil tights, and exquisite prints done in collaboration with German artist Amrei Hofstatter, with a touch of Aztec influences. This season's version also features flexible metallic carapaces that fit like futuristic corsetry, a possible clue that Arora is already thinking about his first collection at Paco Rabanne this Fall.

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  1. Very interesting .. that there's a world beyond black and minimal.


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