Monday, March 14, 2011

Milton Becerra: Drawing Now Paris! A series of Masks

Born in 1951, in Tachira Venezuela, Milton Becerra began exhibiting his works in 1970, while still a student at Cristobal Roja School of Plastic Arts in Caracas. He won the first prize in the third Salon Nacional de Jovenes Artistas (National Salon of Young Artists) in 1973. In the same year he held his first solo exhibition at the Caracas Athenaeum.
In 1976, after his first exhibition at the Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art, he began a series of explorations of natural landscape, to depict the manner in which the rivers are becoming polluted and the devastation of the land, influenced by Land Art movement of the time, marking the introduction of the movement in Venezuela.

Milton Becerra offers a balance between the modern civilization and the most primitive and ancestral elements of the human culture. He is well known for his aerial installations, where ropes and stones intertwine to form large structures.
In 1980, Becerra moved to Paris, where he still works and resides. His work is represented in numerous museums, foundations, and private collections internationally.

" Drawing Now Paris," a series of Masks, Becerra's solo show will be on view at The Carrousel du Louvre March 25-28.
Forcefully reviving the old figures of Indian gods inhabiting the banks of Orinoco, Venezuela, Milton Becerra's drawings are not, strictly speaking, mere works of art, they are also here to provide a spiritual force.

Serie Copiar Cortar
Phacelia Tanacetifolia, 2004, Drawing on paper

Mask, 2004


Untitled, 2002, Drawing on paper and cotton fibers

Turtle, 2002, Drawing on paper and cotton fibers

Mujer I, 2003

Mujer IV, 2003

Mujer V, 2003, Drawing on paper and cotton fibers

All images, courtesy Galerie13Jeanette Mariani

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  1. This structures are betwen our civilisation and antic civilisation. They evoke in myself the secrets of lost civilisations and my passion about them (see my blog about "the great hypothesis").


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