Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crinoline Flowers vs Jeu de Jambes

Crinoline Flowers is a stunning series created by wedding photographer Sophia Banks.

To Sophia Banks: What inspired you to do this series?

The Crinoline Flowers series was made several years ago and was inspired by a spring walk in the park, the cluttered vintage stores in Kensington market and my identity as a transgender woman.

The vision for the photos almost literally just appeared in my mind as you see them. I choose the bright colors to represent the flowers and also as a tribute to the LGBT rainbow.

When I made this series I was still young and sorting through my gender identity, trying to figure out who I was. The surreal over the top feel of the images came from a place where I felt repressed and expressed that with my photography in a way I could not find the courage to do in my life.
~~~ Sophia Banks

Sophia Banks lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Crinoline Flowers
Copyright © Sophia Banks

© Sophia Banks

© Sophia Banks

© Sophia Banks

© Sophia Banks

© Sophia Banks

© Sophia Banks

Courtesy the artist.

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  1. These are such whimsical and fun photos. I loved reading about the inspiration for their creation. I'm so glad she made them.


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