Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mariano Vargas: " Soltanto Madonne," a Neo-Baroque Erotic Snapshots

Considered as one of the finest contemporary erotic photographers, Mariano Vargas draws most of his inspiration from the great masters of the Italian Renaissance, Botticelli, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci. In the series Soltanto Madonne, beauty is trapped in the form of unique women with enigmatic silhouettes.

Mariano Vargas wants to create beauty in the combination of bodies, clothing, theatrical decor, and other sophisticated details. His Madonnas are like "tableaux vivants," models involving their fantasies in a world that links the past, postmodernism and Renaissance. All these beautiful women portrayed are allegorized at the same time with the following themes: religion and the profane, transcendence and pleasure, magic and the quotidian.

Mariano Vargas lives and works in Spain.

This post is NSFW.

Mariano Vargas
Soltanto Madonne
 Young woman with mirror, copyright © Mariano Vargas

 Young woman with dog © Mariano Vargas

Young women playing © Mariano Vargas

Lady portrait with snake © Mariano Vargas

 The Graces © Mariano Vargas

 Young woman with camera © Mariano Vargas

Lady portrait with flower © Mariano Vargas

Young woman with mirror © Mariano Vargas

Courtesy of the artist / Galerie Lina Davidov, Paris
Soltanto Madonne was on exhibit at Galerie Lina Davidov
From January 26 to March 3, 2012
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