Thursday, October 13, 2011

India Mahdavi for Hotel Thoumieux

It took several months of building work to complete the renovation of this fifteen-bedroom house and to install the specially commissioned furniture, with designs featuring a subtle combination of motifs, colors and warm materials. The hotel's interior was entrusted to the talented India Mahdavi, one of the most fashionable architects of the moment, widely acclaimed for her work at the Connaught in London, the Townhouse in Miami, the Germain in Paris and the Rivington in New York. With a number of inspired touches, the design duo M/M have for their part also continued the creative partnership first initiated at the "Brasserie Thoumieux."

What Jean-Francois Piege, former chef at le Crillon, and Thierry Costes have set out to do here is transpose  the welcoming atmosphere of a traditional country house to an urban environment, while at the same time adding elements of comfort and modernity. The gastronomic restaurant "Jean-Francois Piege" was awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide in March 2011. Today, new heights have been attained as the Hotel Thoumieux opens its doors to the public.

Hotel Thoumieux
Restaurant "Jean-Francois Piege"
Photos © Vincent Leroux

Photos © Stephane de Bourgies

© Stephane de Bourgies

Courtesy Hotel Thoumieux, Paris-France

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  1. Hotel Thoumieux looks gorgeous. I like the way they designed the place with all those modern furnishings. It must be wonderful to stay there.


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