Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pablo Piatti's Fashion Illustrations: A Chinese vignette

In his series "Animals and Accessories," Argentinian artist Pablo Piatti was inspired by traditional Chinese paintings. From the pairing of the animals with the accessories, including the calligraphy, everything was created with exquisite details. The resulting illustrations are these unique and enchanting visions that will catch the attention of any viewers.

Pablo Piatti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was 21 years old when he decided to quit art school and travel to Europe. Growing up among nature and animals, Piatti's world is filled with imagery, music, books, and nature. The series "Animals and Accessories" is currently featured in Metal Fashion Magazine.

Very often in life, we are forced to defined ourselves, or pushed by others to conform to stereotypes and titles. As a creative person working in the fashion industry for many years, I try to do the opposite, letting creativity flow freely.
~~ Pablo Piatti

Pablo Piatti lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

Courtesy Pablo Piatti

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