Friday, September 2, 2011

Valley of Dolls, the Mysterious World of Dolls: Marmite Sue

More on the fascinating world of "dolls"... After Virginie Ropars from France, and the Popovy sisters from Russia, here is Marmite Sue from Japan. Renowned for their distinctive styles these doll-designers, influenced by different trends of the art and fashion world, constantly interpret and redefine the notion of beauty and thereby create works that strike the eyes of their beholders.

Marmite Sue is a doll artist and illustrator. The concept of a doll has long been her biggest inspiration, and guiding line in all the many mediums of her creation. From her fashion and wearable art, to both Analogue and Digital paintings. Most recently, Marmite Sue has been focusing  on creating her very own , hand crafted, articulately jointed Art-Dolls, and has launched her new line of 35cm tall porcelain jointed dolls "Angel Eggs."




Courtesy Marmite Sue / Strychnin Gallery Berlin
Valley of Dolls Exhibition
September 9 - October 2, 2011

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