Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Textile Sculptures or Fabric Art of Emilie Faif

A huge heart, secret landscapes, some floating meadows, red flowers .... Discover the exquisite world of Emilie Faif, a world that adheres to the logic of dreams and where dreams take on the colors and contours of reality.

Body, dream, everything is there: the body in dreams, dreams in the skin, the tissue woven between the two. Emilie Faif plays with the fabric, using every inch to create these unique sculptures.

Born in 1976, Emilie Faif is a visual artist and a scenographer. In 2000, she graduated from l'ENS d'Arts Appliques Olivier de Serres et des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Her creations include installations and scenographies for l'Atelier des Enfants at Pompidou Center, Isabel Marant, Hermes, Tsumori Chisato and more...

Red, 2011, window displays for Printemps Haussman, Paris

Under the skin, 2011
@Tsumori Chisato, Paris

Rainbow scarf, 2011, window displays @ Tsumori Chisato

Paris - New York, 2010

Mamelle, 2010 @Centre Culturel de Gentilly, France

Prairie (meadow), 2009

Heart, 2010, window displays @Isabel Marant

Courtesy Emilie Faif

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