Monday, September 27, 2010

Aldo Lanzini's Knitted Tribal Masks

Aldo Lanzini is the artist who designed these amazing knitted masks for Angela Missoni at her fashion show on Sunday, September 26th, in Milan. At the entrance of the Missoni show, a group of individuals were wearing crocheted masks from Aldo's series "The eyes are there where they see, the things are there where they are seen."
Aldo Lanzini has had several solo exhibitions in various art galleries and museums, the Today Art Museum in Beijing among them. His latest show "The Drop," is currently on view at Le Case D'Arte in Milan.

At the entrance of Missoni

Images at the Missoni show, courtesy Another Magazine

Series of Masks from Lanzini's portofolio

Images courtesy of Aldo Lanzini

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  1. Those are really interesting! Kinda makes me want to take up knitting.


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