Monday, August 6, 2012

MILAGRITOS: "Small Miracles" by Alinka Echeverria

Small Miracles continues the exploration of the relationship between image, miracle and faith in contemporary Mexico. For this new series, Alinka Echeverria visited the schrine of the Virgin of Juquila which is hidden in the highlands of Oaxaca in southern Mexico: a rural state facing deep economic crisis, mass emigration to the USA and a prevailing drug war. Popular legend asserts that the statue of the Virgin and her long black hair remained undamaged during a tragic fire that destroyed the village. Since then, she has been venerated by millions who visit her shrine in order to ask for miracles and give thanks for those she has bestowed upon them. Echeverria isolates the milagritos - bronze pendants that are attached to the Virgin and represent the object of prayer - and photographs them using the pin and string they originally came with.

This series is presented in light boxes with a rich wooden frame, giving the impression of an elevated altarpiece, with the miracle becoming a glowing token of hope mounted on a cardinal red background.

Alinka Echeverria was born in Mexico City in 1981. Her work explores the boundaries between documentary and fine art. Small Miracles is the first series of work produced by Echeverria since 'Road to Tepeyac', for which she won the prestigious French prize HSBC Prix pour la Photographie in 2011.

Alinka Echeverria
'Small Miracles'

 A plea for a chicken

 A plea for a husband conquering his alcoholism

A heart for love

Thanks for the healing of broken bones
 A plea for a good crop of maize

Courtesy of Alinka Echeverria / EB&Flow, UK
Small Miracles was on exhibit at EB&Flow, UK

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  1. I love the way they're presented with such reverence and preciousness.


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