Monday, August 1, 2011

Postcards from Paris

Paris in August is wonderful. Most Parisians leave the city, a sense of serenity settled over Paris. The tourists arrive and are more relaxed....
An email will never replace the pleasure of sending a postcard. Enjoy this series of funny postcards from French illustrator Genevieve Gauckler. Best known for her ever-evolving procession of lovable characters and technicolor digital mashes, Gauckler's works are bright, fun and hectic - often combining symmetrical designs with soft-edged computer generated images laid against photographed backgrounds.

I try to create some harmony in my images. I'm happy when it's energetic, not pretentious, simple, light. I'm not very interested in style, I'm just trying to build up a world like kids playing with toys, rather than trying to come up with a new style.

I Love Paris



Arc de Triomphe


Postcards are available at Colette, Paris

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