Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Emmanuel Bossuet: " Haute Couture Busts "

Paris-based Emmanuel Bossuet is one of the rare art directors of his generation to conceive his work with such an intense decorative dimension. Debuting as a graphic consultant at Philip Starck's, he soon after established EEM as an agency aimed to one-of-a-kind projects. Studios such as Martine Sitbon or Sonia Rykiel requested him for his skill as a decorative designer.

Emmanuel Bossuet also looks for new ways to express his fascination toward display installations. One of his favorite game is to divert them from their prior function and turn them into striking pieces.

As an new opportunity came up this year with carte blanche offered by the M&K Paris showroom, Bossuet decided to collaborate with historic mannequin masters STOCKMAN to produce a limited edition " haute couture " busts. As a result, a series of three pieces, all black and white, made of fabrics with geometric prints were created.

The haute-couture busts are limited to 10 copies of each model, and have already found collectors worldwide. The original 3 are currently on exhibit at the department store Bon Marche in Paris.

Courtesy EEM Studio


  1. who wouldn't of thought there could so much you could to do a dressmaker's form. as a designer, i'm so use to seeing the form as a a skeleton for my works, but rather it could be turned into a canvas itself.
    awesome post!


  2. I really love these pieces and was wondering if anyone knew where I might find some more information on him, i need to do an art project and he looks GREAT!!!


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