Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gypsy Interiors: Contemporary Roma Portraits

Gypsy Interiors is a series of portraits capturing the sedate and decorous intimacy of an outwardly loud and gregarious people.
Italian photographer Carlo Gianferro has discovered a profound - almost religious - ethnic performance enacted by proud and wealthy Roma deep within their own private quarters. These are unprecedented portraits of a long underground and secretive society suddenly and mysteriously willing to surface and make an extravagant ritual announcement to the outside world  of their material achievement and affluence.

Carlo Gianferro's professional activity begins in 2004 with a series of reportages on Romanian and Moldavian Roma communities. He is primarily interested in exiled workers. His work on Roma has obtained several international awards. Gypsy Interiors has won 1st prize portraits stories World Press Photo 2009.

Carlo Gianferro lives and works in Roma, Italy.

Gypsy Interiors
Carlo Gianferro
Mother, daughter and a massive baroque space heater, Ciurea (Iasi), Romania
Copyright © Carlo Gianferro

This woman, so fond of orange, Ciurea, Romania
© Carlo Gianferro

Wife among colors and comfort, Ciurea, Romania
© Carlo Gianferro

Young girl in a parlor, with faux flowers and murals, Soroca, Republic of Moldova
© Carlo Gianferro

A Gypsy queen's boudoir, Soroca, Republic of Moldova
© Carlo Gianferro

A king in his kitchen, Soroca, Republic of Moldova
© Carlo Gianferro

The Dollar Room is occupied. Rescani, Republic of Moldova
© Carlo Gianferro

A Roma princess, Soroca, Republic of Moldova
© Carlo Gianferro

Courtesy of the artist.


  1. I really like this exclusive look into the Gypsies' homes. How over-the-top! Thanks for sharing them, Evelyne.

  2. I am romanian, and is the first time when I see a vision about gipsyes without fear hate or despite. This is the proof that an artistic eye can make art from everything he sees.
    Thank you french-american lady who impressed a romanian lady with art of an italian photographer :)
    You have an wonderful blog


Thanks everyone for your nice comments! Keep checking this blog, cool posts everyday except on weekends..... Cheers!