Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lluis Barba's new artworks; 'Self-Portraits' of outstanding artists in modern background contexts

Although each self-portrait is an independent work, with its own message and its own identity, each is part of a larger project. The portraits take a unitary meaning within the entire Self-Portraits series, allowing a unified dialogue of the absurd.

Self-Portraits is currently on view at Dean Project Gallery, NY. The exhibition displays seven self-portraits of artists who are, by the point of view of Lluis Barba, outstanding artists in the evolution of art history. Until now Barba has interpreted the artworks of the selected artists to create his subjective re-readings of their works. However the artists chosen in the Self-Portraits series are the center of attention.

Lluis Barba reworks iconic artworks to comment on contemporary society, introducing modern characters into Hyeronimus Bosch's or Pieter Brueghel's medieval scenes. His work leverages the language of artistic symbolism to critique both modern society and the art world, utilizing society darlings and art world players such as Kate Moss, Brad Pitt and Jay Jopling.

Born in Spain, Lluis Barba has exhibited his work in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Canada. His work is held in major public collections, such as the Artothèque d'Art Anekdota in Paris, Museo International Cairo, Museo Marugame Hirai Japan and more.

Lluis Barba lives and works in Barcelona.

Lluis Barba
Frida Kalho, 2011
Copyright © Lluis Barba / Dean Project

Warhol, 2011
© Lluis Barba / Dean Project

René Magritte, 2012
© Lluis Barba / Dean Project

Francis Bacon, 2011
© Lluis Barba / Dean Project

Miró, 2011
© Lluis Barba / Dean Project

Velazquez, 2011
© Lluis Barba / Dean Project

Picasso, 2011
© Lluis Barba / Dean Project

Courtesy of the artist and Dean Project
December 20th, 2012 - January 12th, 2013

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