Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hats in the Royal Wedding

Jess Collett is a milliner in London, who is probably making headlines this week for the wedding hat that she is not creating - that of Carole Middleton who changed her wedding outfit at the last minute, making a co-ordinating hat unnecessary.

The young talented designer is making hats for quite a few of the other guests however. She is in a unique position, being privileged to what the guests will be wearing. The invitation forbids decorations; such as flowers or feathers, since the hats will be worn in church. Consequently most of the pieces Jess Collett will be making are bigger hats.

Although, we don't have any images of the hats that Jess is creating for the big event, below are some images of her recent creations, in collaboration with Ercole Moroni, a florist / designer. These fabulous pieces are made of wood, perspex, and silk flowers.

Courtesy Jess Collett
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  1. These hats are absolutely amazing. I think Jess Collett did an amazing job with these hats. All of these are definitely fashion forward!

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