Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fourth Height and Urs Bigler: THE CROWN

The Crown is a new project by The Fourth Height, a group of three Russian artists, Dina Kim, Katya Kameneva and Gala Smirnskaya founded in 1992 in Moscow. Their work reflect mass culture through irony and fantasy. Raising post-War and feminist issues through the aesthetics of fashion and the iconography of sex and femininity, The Fourth Height addresses the Soviet past and Capitalist present.
Their best-known series The Deed, The Taste of Victory and Gene Pool - are featured in museums and galleries in Russia, and in private collections abroad.

Made in collaboration with Swiss photographer Urs Bigler, The Crown is a mythical novel of love and heroism between three main characters Russia, Europe and Asia-Panda. The battle between Good and Evil based on Asian and Europe folklore takes place in the middle of Russia. Here the artists once again re-examine impulsive heroic gestures often associated with femininity.

Queens, Morning Tea

Queens, 3 Profiles

English Queen, Botox

English Queen, Spagat


Gala yawning

Katya, trees

Queens, fight

Panda, Sword

Panda, Karaoke

Images courtesy Pobeda Gallery
The Crown is currently on view at Pobeda Gallery, Moscow
March 29 - May 22, 2011

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