Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Urban Life by Sandrine Estrade Boulet

Discover the work of Sandrine Estrade Boulet, a French artist who likes simple things. She sees dwarfs everywhere, hydrants in stone fields. Her work is greatly inspired by urban environment and her strong imagination is expressed through her colorful and funny photo manipulations.

I get my inspiration by walking the dog or by sitting on a bench and watching the scenery around  me. People should smile when they see my work, we need to see positive, funny and lively images. I love Dadaism, art should be fun and silly.

City series
The butterfly

Army street

Pom pom girl


Nature series

Sleepy giant

Gros balaize (mr. muscle)

Images courtesy of Sandrine Estrade Boulet

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  1. Very creative. Who would have thought to do this? Not me. I have to tip my hat.


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