Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yiqing Yin; Spring of Nüwa

Another fabulous couture collection by the Paris-based designer Yiqing Yin.  After In Carne showed on January, Spring of Nüwa, Yin's new Autumn-Winter 2012-13 collection re-imagines the female form in a world of purely mineral and vegetable composition.

Light cascades of satin and muslin offer oblique suggestions of chasteness through their mounting layers. Skin is laid bare beneath pink-besprinkled tulle. Red remains pure. Silver and blue fade into one.

Yiqing Yin constructs her volumes through a series of metamorphoses enacted upon the body. Rough surfaces are honed and fluid materials sculpted in pursuit of the right weight. Garments are hand-made in Yin's studio, each bearing the mark of the designer's hand.

Yiqing Yin
Spring of Nüwa

Images copyright © Shoji Fujii
Courtesy of Yiqing Yin


  1. I'm very impressed. These garments are more like sculptures than clothing. They remind me of orchids and praying mantis. The craftsmanship is remarkable.


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