Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fashion at the Circus; A Freak Show

Thanks to the duo fashion photographers Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader (AKA Reed + Rader), Freak Show takes us on a whimsical journey held in a circus setting. Meet all the different performers in this animated fashion shoot. 

This was a fun project for us as the content was specifically based on characters and their actions, something we always try to push.
~~ Reed + Rader

Freak Show
© Reed + Rader
Coat by Oscar De La Renta
Jumpsuit by Louise Gray
Dress by Tao Comme des Garcons
Dress by Manish Arora
Dress by Proenza Shouler
Top by Christian Dior
Gloves by La Crasia
Dress by Yusuke Maegawa
Dress Marc by Marc Jacobs
Vest by D&G
Coat by Paul Smith

Freak Show
Courtesy and copyright Reed + Rader
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