Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Frimousses de Créateurs 2012: "YES FUTUR" !

Since 2003, the Frimousses de Créateurs action has been symbolizing the extraordinary alliance between fashion, art and humanitarian involvement. Every year, fashion houses, jewelers, artists and designers exert their talent for the benefit of children from Darfur. Organized by UNICEF the sweet Frimousses will celebrate their 10th anniversary with the theme "Yes Futur".

This event offers to great figures such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior an opportunity to consolidate their loyalty, and for new creators such as Roure, the French jeweler or the painter Carlos Cruz-Diez an opportunity to get involved into this solidarity action.

This year, from November 27 to December 2, the "artwork" dolls will be on display at the Petit Palais. The auction will take place in this exceptional location, a unique place for the first time in 10 years. Viewers will be able to admire the exquisite creations and may succumb to one of these Frimousses.

Here are some of my favorite Frimousses.

Jean Paul Gaultier


Issey Miyake



Dolce Gabbana

Maison Lesage by Hubert Barrère

Giorgio Armani

Yulia Yanina


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  1. Oh, how wonderful to combine so many great things: art dolls, fashion and human rights! What a wonderful cause and in such an artstic and fun way!


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