Sunday, June 10, 2012

Babylonstoren Revisited

Nature is at its best at Babylonstoren. With its new additions this restored 18th century Cape Dutch farm  located in the heart of the Cape Winelands around Cape Town South Africa, offers plenty to do for your entire family.

One of the biggest advantage when staying over at Babylonstoren is that everything you eat or taste can be purchased in their Tasting area / Farm shop.

The Babylonstoren garden contains over 300 varieties of edible plants. Fruit and veggies are harvested year round and use in their restaurant. Meals are served anywhere on the farm, depending on the season and the weather.

Babylonstoren's new additions include a wine shop, featuring their own wine, but also those of the 28 cellars situated around the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains. They also have a delicatessen specializing in a 'charcuterie' where you can buy a variety of meats, a cheese room full of handcrafted cheeses, and to top it all, a bakery producing artisan breads, baked in a wood fire oven.

And last a teahouse, located under old oak trees at the back of the Babylonstoren garden. The glasshouse - tearoom contains exotic granadillas, ginger, cardamon, pineapples, dragon fruit, vanilla, guavadellas, a baobab tree, and much more. Decorated with a collection of tables and colorful Luxembourg chairs, the teahouse's light menu focuses on seasonal produce from the garden.

Wine Tasting Room
Charcuterie and Cheese shop

 Greenhouse / Teahouse

 Freshly picked

 Fruit and vegetable garden
 Large-scale nests / Tree houses

 Babel restaurant and herb garden
 Cottages / accommodations

Courtesy of Babylonstoren


  1. That garden and green house look exceptionally amazing! Where is this EXACTLY? i would LOVE to take a trip there. Or have it in my yard

    -Oscar Valencia

    1. This bucolic place is located around Cape Town, South Africa.

  2. Wow. It's paradise. I love the little tree houses. And the fresh food, bread and cheeses make my mouth water. What a wonderful place for a getaway and vacation.


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