Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hair Wars or Hairdressing Championships 2010

Several years ago, I saw Blow Dry, a delightful movie about two beauty salons in a small English town that are running for the National Hairdressing Championships. Little did I know something similar has been going on in Detroit for quite sometime, and this is what is going on this year ..... A competitive styling.
This is not some eccentric reality show.This is Hair Wars, a 25-year-old Detroit tradition, this year featuring about 34 stylists and 300 models, that has become one of the premier hairstylist events in the U.S. The realization of some of these extravagant hair designs took from 30 min. up to one month to prep.
Here is a selection of the best from Hair Wars.

Beautiful Butterfly, prep time: 10hr

The Hummer, prep time 1day

Fun-House Clown, prep time 1hr

Birdcage, prep time 1hr

Oreo Confusion, prep time 8hr

Alice in Wonderland, prep time 7hr. 30min.

Tropicana, prep time 1month

A Big Bravo to all the participants for their skills and originality .
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Images courtesy Time
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